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January 3, 2013

three years + five months

Oh my goodness, where to even start this month?!  It's been a loooong month and yet here we are, at 41 months already.  We welcomed our much anticipated baby brother on December 7th and Avery is just the best big sister.  She tells us everyday how much she loves Dean and that she's so glad we have a baby brother. :)

At 41 months Avery loves her brother, television, reading, shopping, her family, asking WHY?, cooking, making a mess, and chocolate.  She dislikes going to sleep, the idea of turning into a marshmallow, and being a good listener.  Though I'm sure she'd dispute the last, she most definitely has selective hearing.

The biggest news this month is of course Dean's arrival.  Avery was so cute when Deran brought her into the room after Dean was born.  She smiled big and then asked if she could pet him.  Then she said, "I knew you were in here having a baby!"  Indeed, I was.  I labored quietly and Avery was actually in and out of the room until it was time to push.  Avery loooooves her brother, sometimes she's maybe even a little too affectionate.  I feel as if we're always telling her not to squeeze so hard or you know, GET OUT OF HIS FACE.  I know the capitals convey shouting, but we actually issue gentle reminders.  Not that it matters because two seconds later she is bending over his bed or the swing or on the floor and right up in his business. :)  I've been keeping a list of a few things she has said or done over the last month that have changed since adding a baby to the house...One day she came up to me and spit up on my shirt because she "didn't burp very good."  I swear, I don't know what it was but she did indeed spit something on my shirt.  Right after an early morning feeding, Avery grabbed the burp rag and said, "Abra dabra, your boob disappeared!"  Another time we were all sitting on the couch and she said, "I have a breast pad stuck on my leg, you guys."  I've written about Avery living life as a musical before, so imagine this to any tune you want...she was playing with her Phineas & Ferb figurines and started singing, "Perry put the babies to sleep but they woke up because they just wanted some of my mommy's milk..."  All of these things make me laugh because when else will she randomly have a breast pad stuck to her leg?! :)

In the few weeks since having Dean, Avery has been allowed to eat more snacks and watch more television than ever before.  I'm awesome like that.  We're pretty much back on track with eating but the tv has been on too much.  I blame the cold weather!  Next week is looking sunny with some highs in the 60s so I think we'll be able to get out a bit.  One week after Dean was born Avery was sitting on the couch snacking on marshmallows before dinner.  I told her to put them away because we would be eating soon.  Then Deran piped up with, "Yeah, if you eat too many marshmallows you'll turn into...this!" and pulled up a picture of this guy from Ghost Busters.  Big mistake.  For over a week she cried and said she never wanted to eat marshmallows again.  She wanted to throw ours away and she fretted over her cousin coming over and trying to eat marshmallows.  Three year olds are pretty literal, you know, you gotta be mindful of what you say.

As usual, she still dislikes going to bed.  She is still sleeping in our bed and more often than not, actually stays up until one of us goes to bed with her.  It's exhausting and heartbreaking because she cries and says she doesn't want to be alone.  Deran and I were wanting to watch Shaun of the Dead recently but we couldn't because Avery was still awake. Then she started crying and told us that she's not afraid of zombies.  Of course she isn't!  She often tells us she's a big girl and can take care of herself so maybe 2013 will see her back in her own bed!  Maybe I should write that one down.

Lulu has made an appearance (or not really) on many days and he's always naughty.  He flips the lights on and off, pushes, pulls hair, throws things on the floor, basically makes life CRAZY.  Sometimes I just want him to go home.  If only I knew where his imaginary abode was. :/  I have no doubt some of his behavior is due to the addition of Avery's beloved baby brother, though even knowing it doesn't make me like Lulu any more.

Avery still loves to watch Phineas and Ferb but she's also started watching My Little Ponies again and is also into Spider Man right now.  Ever since the Christmas parade, she's been a little crazy about him.  We've gone through three cans of silly string and have several versions of the cartoon in our Netflix queue. 

But as much as she loves to watch TV, she also still loves to read.  We still blow through several books a day and she was really sad just this morning when I mentioned needing to return a Barney book to the library.  I'm so glad she loves to read!!

Her vocabulary and speech is always expanding and improving.  I just noticed a few days ago that she no longer says, "hungy" or "angy" but actually says, hungry and angry.  She still says, "I'm am" for "I am" and seriously?!  Soooo cute!  "Because" has morphed several times over the last two years and right now it sounds something like, "Puh-tuzz."  It makes me smile every time. :)

She is still a light eater but has started to try new foods and really loves to help in the kitchen.  She recently started eating oranges (like, a piece) and one day I asked her, "Do you like oranges?"  She replied, "I do.  Especially from coconuts. Mmmm, juicy!"  :)  At any rate, we're proud of her for trying new things!

Avery has been very inquisitive over the last month.  Sometimes I fear my sanity is at a breaking point when she continues to ask, "Why?" after every answer I give.  But we push on and try to answer as best we can.  Yesterday we talked about tornadoes and then today Deran came home for lunch and I overheard Avery reciting some of the twister facts.  It made me happy because maybe my sanity (or lack of) is worth it if she's actually listening and retaining the information.  Though she certainly hears when she wants to as I can ask her to pick up her toys ALL DAY LONG and yet, at the end of the day the place still looks as if a twister has been through.

Big changes for our girl this month in becoming a big sister and learning to share our attention.  It's not always easy and sometimes I find myself missing her even though she's in the same room.  I think it's partly her growing up, but it still makes my heart hurt to not be able to pick her up every time she asks or to ask her to hold on so I can tend to Dean.  Probably the hardest thing about having two tots.  Though I honestly believe loving Avery so much has made having a second child so much easier.  I know how great it is to parent a fantastically amazing girl, adding a sweet boy into the mix has been pretty easy.

So 41 months with our best girl and 41 of the best months of our lives.  Lots of changes coming in the new year.  I know she is so excited to be moving closer to all of her cousins and old friends and we're so excited for her to have those playmates again!  She still tells me all the time that I'm the best momma and she's going to love me forever and forever and forever and forever.  Goodness, I love that girl!

The monthly iPhone update, top to bottom and left to right: 1) making a mess...something in which she excels 2) using Deran's phone to take pictures of Dean 3) sporting some stylish festive shades 4) early morning snuggles 5) snacking in brother's bed 6) sweet sibling kisses 7) bubble bath! 8) running downhill at the park 9) late night playing on her phone.  And I just noticed that she's wearing pajamas in nearly all of the photos.  Whatevs, we'll get dressed tomorrow. ;)

ak41months B

Happy 41 month birthday sweet girl, we love you lots! 

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