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January 7, 2013

celebrating dean | one month later

Soooo I had a baby! A whole MONTH ago today!!  I've been away from technology for most of this month.  It's been days since I checked my email and honestly, it's been nice.  Life with two littles is surprisingly...not that different.  It takes us a little longer to get out the door and of course I'm wearing my favorite old perfume, Eau De Spit Up, but life is really really good!

Dean Kyler joined us at 2:04 p.m. on Friday, December 7, 2013.  He weighed 8 lbs. 1 oz. and was 21.25 inches long.  He has these adorably dimpled chunky hands and they were the first thing I noticed when he was placed on me.  He has a fantastically cute hairline and lots of hair!  His eye color is still to be determined.  At first we thought brown, then they started looking more blue/gray, and sometimes they look green.  No doubt we'll love our boy with whatever color his sweet eyes settle on!  I plan to blog his birth story so I won't share too much now because I have a WHOLE MONTH of news to get through.

Dean loves to be held, is a champion eater, and is a super laid back little guy.  He dislikes dirty diapers and not being picked up immediately when he cries.  He really is low-key and doesn't fuss too often.  Most nights he doesn't even cry when he wakes up to eat, he just starts grunting and sometimes snacks on his hand.  Avery says he sounds like a little pig. :)  She also calls him "little tooter boy" because he can be gassy.  Gotta love being a baby!  

I thought he was so little when he was born and the doctor was like, "Mmmmm nope, he's a good size baby!"  He gained 11 ounces between his one-two week check-ups!  I'm sure he is between 10-11 pounds now and has been in size one diapers for about two weeks.  I think drinking my breast milk is the equivalent of slurping down heavy whipping cream, maybe even mixed with butter.  At any rate, he's a healthy boy and that makes me happy!

We started doing tummy time just before three weeks and he doesn't like it.  Not even a little bit.  He actually rolled over once!  But alas, no one was paying attention.  Avery and I were about a foot away reading a book and I looked over to see him on his back and was all, whaaaat?!  He loves his swing and often naps in there during the day. 

His umbilical stayed on well into the second week and it was stinky.  I mean, I know it's rotting flesh, but his actually smelled like rotting flesh.  We were ready for his first real bath from about day three. :)  His first bath was a tearful event but he's since learned to tolerate them and no longer cries. Yea! 

It's still a little early for the social smiles to start, but I swear just this morning I earned the smile!  I was holding him at the table and reading a book aloud while Avery ate her breakfast.  I started making a funny noise and he smiled.  I mean, it could have been coincidence, but I think not.  I'm pretending it was real even if it wasn't!

We are so happy Dean is finally here and while this last month has passed in a blur, it almost feels like we've had him forever.  He is such a perfect addition to our family and we can't wait to see what next month holds for our boy.  He is such a good baby!!  Avery was a great baby too, I'm thankful we've been doubly blessed!

And now for the monthly iPhone tribute, top to bottom and left to right: 1) A babe is born! 2) Sleeping in his swing, looking super comfy?  I have a similar picture of Avery (look at the last row of September). 3) I love duck themed infant clothing and sleepy baby boys. 4) Little monster 5) World's best little brother, for sure! 6) Yaaaawwwwwn 7) He really has fantastic hair! 8) Oh boy! 9) A sweet baby, sleeping again.  It's kind of what newborns do, ya know!

dk1month B

Happy one month birthday sweet boy, we love you lots!

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  1. OH AMY!!! He is sooooo adorable!!! Congrats to yall!!!


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