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November 13, 2012

catching up, thankfully

4th - Godly parents.  I'm so thankful for the example my parents have set concerning faith and family and relationships and, yeah, all of it. 

5th - My faith.  I was baptized the summer after 3rd grade and while I'm so far from perfect, I sometimes wonder how people get through life without God.  Seriously, I don't get it.  I've heard some great sermons these last couple of months and have been led to read such comforting/meaningful scripture.  So thankful I've got Him in my life!! 

6th - My sister, Sister.  For as long as I can remember she's insisted I call her Sister instead of by her first name.  She's mostly Aunt Mindy these days but I honestly can't remember the last time I addressed her as anything other than Sister.  She's a six-year cancer survivor and a fantastically crafty mom of three and I'm so glad to have her in my life.  

7th - Chick Lit loving friends.  Sooo I've stated in the past that I like to read romance novels and have taken some teasing from various friends (and cousins!) along the way, but that's cool.  Sometimes it's just nice to relax and lose myself in a story full of fluff.  I'm so glad to have a few friends who feel the same way and are totally willing to hear my nonsensical rants over fictitious characters and problems.

8th - My husband.  He's mostly awesome, and he always loves me.  He's a great Daddy to our girl and I know he'll be great to our boy.  He is a great provider and is the reason I get to work from home and spend my days with our favorite girl.  He is smart and motivated and an all around good guy.  He gets me and we've been together for 16 years this month, give or take a couple of teen break-ups.  You guys, that's over half my life!  Crazy!! 

9th - Modern medicine.  Lots of tests for me, Dean, and Avery going on and while we've been fervently praying for healthy results all around I have to say I'm thankful for today's doctors. (Update: Yea for my good results!  Now to make it through Avery's!)

10th - A good hair stylist.  Totally superficial, I know.  I was feeling a bit bummed that my folks were heading home on Sunday afternoon but then I remembered that I'd scheduled a hair appointment back in late September for a trim and it was a great distraction.  I LOVE Grady!  He's been cutting my hair since week 13 and I've already scheduled my first post partum appointment for the future.  Side note: Good grief is it just me or does it feel like I've been pregnant FOREVER?!

11th - Members of our military, past & present.  Deran and I both have a grandpa that served during World War II and I don't think I ever get tired of those stories.  How different life was back then!  I'm so grateful to everyone who has served to protect our country and for those who will choose to do so in the future.

12th - 50% off sales at Hobby Lobby.  One should NEVER pay full price at Hobby Lobby.  I'm so excited to decorate for Christmas next Friday!!

13th - Good friends.  I'm so thankful to have several to talk to, to listen to, and to just enjoy.

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