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November 3, 2012

three years + three months

Sooo...I'm a little behind, as in almost a week, and for the first time in three years I skipped Avery's update on her actual birth date.  Wah!!  We were out of town and busy from morning until night and I realized on the 4th that I hadn't made the update and I was so sad!  But better late than never, right?!

Day three: I'm so thankful for my girl.  She tells me all the time, "I'm going to love you forever and forever and forever and forever!"  How did I get so lucky?!  I'm not sure, but I am grateful. 

Avery at thirty-nine months is pretty fantastic...and pretty fantastically rotten.  She loves her family and friends, Phineas & Ferb, playing, popcorn, Lalaloopsy Littles, chocolate, jumping on the trampoline, and making messes.

Avery is still on a Phineas and Ferb kick.  Deran also loves the cartoon and I have to admit, they're growing on me.  It's not that I don't like it, it's that I dislike it being the ONLY CHOICE.  She is always pretending to be Candace and hassles me to bust her brothers.  Speaking of pretending, after being gone for nearly a month Lulu and Brother are back.  They don't get into as much trouble as they used to, but they're never innocent either.

And while we're talking about brothers, we're all getting anxious to meet our new baby brother.  Avery has been helping me get things ready and she surely does looooove to share all of his things.  She is forever trying to get in his swing, try on his socks, and basically just get her hands on anything to do with him.  She asks me if she can hold him and then acts all exasperated that she's going to have to babysit.  I seriously can't wait to see her with him!!

Avery & I spent a week with family in early October and while I think I'm still trying to recover, it was a fantastic time spent with friends and family.  We squeezed in visits and activities every single day.  We were both pooped but so happy to get some time with all of our favorite people.  While we were in the area, Avery got lots of time to jump on the trampoline - one of her new favorite activities.  My parents bought a mini trampoline for all the littles as a Christmas present...a couple of months early. :)  She jumped and played outside nearly every day.  I'm not sure I've ever missed my backyard more.  Next year we HAVE to move somewhere with a yard.  We can't go to enough parks or walks to make up for that fun every day!!

Avery has loved popcorn for a while but sometimes I think she'd eat it for every meal if I let her.  And she also loves chocolate!  On Halloween she walked around eating candy from game to game at the fall festival, then came home and ate a few more pieces.  The next morning she got her step stool to grab her pail off the counter and ate even more candy.  I think she'd picked through all the chocolate in about two days.  About Halloween, she would NOT wear her costume.  The very costume she herself picked out!  I ended up carrying it around the festival then had D chase her down before we walked to our car so I could get at least one picture of her wearing it!!

So Avery at 39 months is just slightly rotten.  She is still (fake) cries easily when she doesn't get her way.  And oh my word does that girl need to work on her listening skills!  Well, at least when it comes to cleaning up her messes.  Avery can destroy a room in the blink of an eye.  Cleaning up said room...well, that can take her hours...days...a month even!  It's enough to drive a couple of parents crazy.  She is also still a fan of markering on herself.  I left her with Deran for a couple of hours on the afternoon of family pictures and when I texted to give him an update on my whereabouts he had Avery in the bath trying to scrub off some purple marker.  Oh, that girl and her markers!  

She prefers to use markers to do her school work but it's dangerous to leave them out too long. :)  She is getting really good at using scissors and at writing various letters.  Her counting skills have also improved so much over the last couple of months!  She still loves for us to read to her, and occasionally she reads to us.  I love to hear her versions, so cute!!

Thirty-nine months of parenting this precious girl and our hearts are overflowing.  No doubt it's partly the hormones this last trimester, but my goodness do I love my Avery Kate.  She gets away with a lot because she is so cute and when I do get on her about something she just kisses me - on the arm, the stomach, the leg - wherever she can reach from where she's at next to me.  Her kisses make it hard to discipline!  We are so excited to see what the next month holds for our baby girl and her baby brother.  SHE'S ABOUT TO HAVE A BROTHER!!!  And that was me freaking out.  
The monthly iPhone update, left to right and top to bottom. 1) Cheesin' and snackin' on top of Mt. Bonnell 2) At a pumpkin patch/petting zoo 3) Gotta love Madagascar 3! 4) Lunching with friends and hanging out in the play place at McDonald's 5) Loving on her buddy bear - so many cute ones of them together this month!! 6) Cutting after church 7) Wearing her princess hat so she can "be like Daddy" 8) Fishing at the church fall festival, she caught a twix and a toothbrush. 9) Working on a spooky spider at Lakeshore.

ak39months B

Happy 39 month birthday sweet girl, we love you lots! 

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