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October 19, 2012

things that make me say, really?!

1. Car trouble.

2. The Voice.  While I really like this show, it was hard to get through the back stories of the contestants as each one becomes more tragic than the last.  SERIOUSLY.

3. Me having to start this post over because a certain three year old dropped Perry the Platypus on the mouse and somehow closed blogger.  And then having to start #2 over because a baby Princess Ariel danced on some keys.

4.  Gestational diabetes.  It's not every single day, but sometimes I just really want a donut.  Or to skip a finger prick or four.

5. Being (lovingly?) referred to as "Hamster" for the third time in two days.  Avery says things like, "I'm going to my room, Hamstuh." and "Bring me a book, Hamstuh." and what?!  I'm truly at a loss as to where this originated.  She went through a similar phase recently with guinea pig.

6. A husband who said I can have some slack in November.  OH, YES HE DID.  I informed him I would be taking that slack through January, and I do mean the 31st. 

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