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October 31, 2012

happy halloween, etc.

I've gotten terrible about keeping up with this blog these last few months!  Soooo, I'm still pregnant!  That's good really considering I'm only in my 34th week.  Also, I'M 34 WEEKS!!!!  Geez, the time is drawing near and as relaxed as I've been the last 8 months I'm starting FREAK OUT...sometimes...mostly just when I think about birthing a baby and...BIRTHING A BABY!!!  What?!  Exciting times on the horizon for sure.

In the meantime, I have several sessions to share plus a couple of fabulous weddings and of course some pictures of my sweet Avery Kate.  We've been having lots of fun this month and tomorrow my little spooky spider will be attending a fall festival, pictures will be posted soon after.  Hopefully she has a better time than at her class party last week.  She basically refused to participate in any activities and then demanded we go home before the group craft and snack.  It was so fun?

Last week we also had maternity/family photos done with the super amazing Jennifer Storer of Darling Photography.  I can't wait to catch her again next year when she makes her way back to Texas!  Avery did so much better than our last attempt at family photos when she wore a frown for an hour.  She did have a mini melt down because her shoes gave her blisters so we had to lose them half-way through, but other than that I can't complain.  Jennifer did a great job of capturing her attention and also some super smiles as well as letting her take some pictures of us!

Later today I have an appointment for the boy where we will no doubt discuss his size (grande) and what to expect these last weeks.  Here's what I'd like to happen...natural birth with him arriving at 38 weeks.  Oh, and I would like to have some labor signs that last week so I know it's coming soon-ish.  I mean, healthy baby/healthy momma has been my real prayer all along so whatever happens just...happens.  BUT, ideally he'll come just a little early because induction has already been mentioned due to size and the gestational diabetes.  Unfortunately, because of my previous c-section induction is a little tricky and not preferred.  What I'm saying is this, God has answered some amazing prayers so far this week so I know with Him anything is possible!! 

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!

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