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October 18, 2012

reality check

Below is a photo of me at 32w 3d, but apparently it's also what someone who is 36-37 weeks looks like.  I had an appointment on Tuesday and am scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow to check his growth and the amniotic fluid. I'll be glad to see him again and hopefully find out all is well!  The midwife did mention that it could partly be due to body fat and I've certainly got plenty of it!  I'm sitting at 16 lbs. gained, not a terrible place to be but further ahead of where I was with Avery.  At any rate, I'm not nearly as concerned with my weight as I am with my boy.

The good news is I only feel 32 weeks, not 37. :)  I feel really good most of the time, like I can still do anything!  Though even at 37 weeks with Avery I managed to organize and clean the laundry room without air conditioning aaaand then the next day I went into labor.  You know, I'm just bragging on how well I handle pregnancy. ;)  Seriously though, besides a few stressful moments I have felt really great and I hope these last few weeks are just as great.

LAST FEW WEEKS.  Yeah, I'm just about to that point.  CRAZY.  The second time around has gone by so incredibly fast!  I'm very much looking forward to having him in my arms and home with us, whether he's teeny tiny or toddler-sized. :)

So I took that picture on the left yesterday to send to my friend Tina (Hey, T!) because a couple of weeks ago she mentioned feeling out of the loop this time around since we're farther apart and she's not seen me in several months.  I sent one then and made sure she knew it best not be circulated on the Internets, but here I am sharing the new one.  Yeah, I totally gave in and took it in my messy bathroom, so awkward taking a picture of myself.  Anyway, she made me feel a little better in that she said I look normal pregnant, not HUGE like I'd apparently described.  But you guys, thanks to my fab second shooter Vanessa, I've seen pictures of myself over the last two weeks at separate weddings and WOW.  In those photos I look like I should have had this boy yesterday!  But no, he has a little time yet.

Deran had a dream last night he was born on 10/21 and we called him Blackjack.  Hilarious, but here's to hoping he stays in until at least 11/21...then we'll discuss the nickname! ;)


My husband is a man of few least when texting.  And a name!  We're pretty certain we're going with Dean.  We like it!   


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