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April 10, 2012

10 on 10 | april edition

It's time for another monthly addition of 10 on 10!  I have to admit, I cheated just a little this month - BUT I did take pictures of a few days so they're being compiled into one post.  Honestly, I'm just happy that I documented a couple of days because it's been a while since I've taken photos of the every day things around here.  We do so much in between when I never have my camera!!  I'm mostly okay with that because in those moments I really don't have time to take pictures, I'm too busy enjoying them!

So here we go, this started our Easter weekend - a long drive to visit family with a grumpy girl.  Avery had been really sick last week and the after effects left her a little ornery.


Dying eggs!  This was a mess and I'm glad it was on my parents' kitchen table. :)  No worries, the color came right off!


Lunch and markering.  Avery rarely colors, she markers.  She definitely prefers markers to crayons and when she wants to do the activity she'll say, "Will you marker with me?" Or "Can I marker?"  Then during if you ask what she's doing she'll say, "Oh, I'm just markering."


We markered A LOT yesterday.  We did the wooden activities she'd gotten in her Easter basket from Nana & Pop.


Then we painted!  And these are actually cool little water colors from a notepad.  Once again, belonging to the basket from Nana & Pop!  We used q-tips and a small glass of water and painted for a while.  Avery used more water than paint and ended up getting a few tears in her paper.


And we puzzled!  Avery LOVES puzzles so this is definitely something you'd see at our house every day.  However, this pug puzzle is 250 pieces and not something she ever wants to seriously do.  I think she just likes to look at the box and make me pick up all the pieces.


Last month I took a fabulous workshop with Keri Meyers - she's AMAZING!  Anyway, I won the Keri Meyers floor from Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops.  Pretty cool and it arrived yesterday!


More markering, this time some Elmo.  


And lastly, upon returning from a long walk outside I went to grab a bag of popcorn to make Avery a snack and realized it was wet.  Then I spotted the leak from the ceiling of the laundry closet.  Hooray for dirty water dripping on our dry goods!


My goal is to take MORE photos throughout this next month.  Lots to document these days!

Please be sure to check out the fabulous Krista Lund for her amazing 10 on 10, April Edition!


  1. Looks like you had a fun and busy Easter weekend. I know you are glad to have these memories.

  2. Love the 'markered, puzzled' etc. You also 'lunched, died (eggs)', etc) I'm going to have to copycat those words - Great images! Poor baby in the first one -

  3. love the way you documented the day!

  4. I love that she calls it "markering" TOO CUTE!


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