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April 11, 2012

lulu, i will not miss you

Lulu is Avery's imaginary friend.  He's always been a little mischievous, but lately, LATELY!  Lulu has just been a terror, truly.  And it's fitting that this post not have any pictures since you know, he's never actually been seen by anyone other than Avery.  Lulu hits the dogs and spills Avery's drinks ALL OVER THE PLACE, All. The. Time.  He takes her shoes off before we get out at the store, he pulls hair, he basically does anything she's not supposed to do.  He's awesome.

So we're joining a tot class at Gymboree and hitting up a couple of libraries a week for storytime.  Who knows, maybe Lulu will get left behind somewhere...or at least start behaving better!

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