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January 13, 2012

52 fridays | week 2 | landscape

So here we are, week two of the project and I almost didn't make it in time!  It's been a hectic week of moving and waiting on deliveries and I'm sad to say that my camera didn't come out my bag until the drive back to Houston on Thursday.  Avery & I made a quick stop before we left Austin and I took one picture of our view.  The hills provide a much different perspective than we're used to, seeing treetops amongst the houses.  I saw so many signs of winter on the way and so many other old houses/barns/fields that would have been perfect to hop out and photograph.  But alas, with my tired tot in tow it just wasn't possible this week.  But good news, my computer and I have been reunited along with stable Internet!  This means I have access to files!  To post!  Stay tuned for lots of great sessions coming up next week!!

Week2 Landscape

I jumped onto the list late, but check out the fantastic Christine Blaylock, IL Photographer.  And because I was so late, you can always start with Amy Ames and click through to find many other interpretations of this week's theme: Landscapes!


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