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November 3, 2011

two years + three months

Today marks the start of Avery's 27th month.  October was one of those months that passed in a blur and I can't even remember half of it.  I dislike that feeling, I want to remember all of these moments!

At 27 months Avery likes Diego, Dora, playing with her dollhouse, Mommy and Daddy, the pugs, pushing her babies around in a stroller, helping with everything (that she wants to do), Mommy to put her to bed, trying to wear tiny baby shoes, wiping away our kisses, being agreeable, and pretty much getting her way ALL THE TIME.  She dislikes not getting her way and having to sleep in her own room.  Not that she's ever slept a whole night in there.
She's a full fledged conversationalist now and when she starts telling you a story she'll weave her head side to side, a la Stevie Wonder.  The other day I thought she might tip over from all the bobbin' and weavin'.  It can be hard to keep a straight face because she's so darn cute!  When she doesn't want to do something she often tries to redirect with, "How about (insert whatever she wants to do)." Or sometimes I just get, "Um, I don't think so."  She mostly calls me "momma" but every now and then she throws a "mom" in like, "What's that, Mom?" or if I ask where something specific has disappeared to, "I don't know, Mom."  She can definitely scream and get loud, but in general she has a really soft, sweet voice. 

As always, numbers and letters make their way through our day.  She LOVES two.  She loves to grab two of something so she can tell us that she has two whatevers.  It's her go-to number.  I wish I could even type the way she says "one."  It's so so cute and more than one syllable!  Avery still loves books and I'm thankful for that.  She wants us to read to her a lot.  I've recently been letting her use scissors, though it's very much a two handed job right now to cut paper.  We've done a lot of painting over the last month, both at home and elsewhere.  She really really loves to paint!

Maybe because we've been on the go so much the last month, I don't know, but when we're home she's been playing so well with all of her toys.  I love to see her imagination at work and listen to her talk to her babies or bake me the best cupcakes or pick up thirty tiny toys to pile around a sleeping pug.  She's been cooking with play-doh a lot lately.  Like, the same container so it's really crunchy and hard now because it's out all the time.  She cuts up noodles and I rave about them being the best ever when she has me try them.  She really is so fun right now!

The first time Avery wiped off one of my kisses she was being a little cantankerous. My mom was there to pick her up and was holding her before I kissed her goodbye. She deliberately wiped my kiss away and then leaned in and gave my mom a kiss.  Burn!  So of course I smothered her with more kisses and ever since it's been a game where she wipes away a kiss (while telling me she's wiping off my kiss) and then I tickle and smother her with more kisses until she's giggling uncontrollably.  She loves my kisses, she does I tell ya!

Cantankerous kiss wiping aside, Avery is really agreeable when it comes to discipline.  It makes it difficult because when I threaten with time out like, "Do you want to get a time out?!" She'll say yes.  And sometimes go stand on the wall for all of five seconds before she's like, "I"m all done, Mommy!"  Oh, that girl!

She is still very polite with her please and thank you, but we've also been getting a lot the "right now!" demands.  Like, "I want to play games right now!" or "I need to eat ems (M&Ms) right now!" or even "I need a bath right now!"  Always with the "right now!"  And then I noticed how often I say...right now.  But yeah, I don't know where she gets all that demanding business.  I think that comes from her Daddy.

We are still struggling with bedtime and making it through the night.  I think after two years it's beginning to take a toll on all of us, but we'll push through.  I know one of these years I'll get a full night's sleep!  Maybe. :) 

Every stage and age has been fun, and each passing month a little better than the last.  I've said it a hundred times before, but I'll say it again - parenting Avery is such a joy and I'm so very glad she's ours! 


Happy 27 month birthday baby girl, we love you lots!

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