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November 28, 2011

the stuff nightmares are made of

Who else closes their eyes when washing their hair in the shower??  I feel like that's a pretty common thing to do, you know, to avoid soap in the eyes and all that.  And more often than I'd like, I turn and open my eyes to find my husband standing there, face an inch from the glass, just trying to scare the bejeezus out of me.  This happened once again last night and it makes me mad. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  Mostly because I should know better, and partly because HOW RUDE!  How many scary movies include creepy shower scenes?!  And I can't even tell you how many bathrooms I've walked into over the years and immediately checked behind the shower curtain, just waiting to find someone hiding out waiting for me.  What I would do should I ever come across said shower lurkers, I have no idea.  Demand they remove themselves from my bathroom probably.

So Avery was in the tub, I was blindly washing my hair in our clear(ish) glass shower, there was a lull in the conversation and BAM!  Deran creeped me out.  Again.  My senior year of college my roommate and I liked to one up each other by hiding behind bathroom doors, bedroom doors, in closets, wherever.  It's fun to scare people, I get it.  And I like to be scared as much as the next person, except that I DON'T LIKE TO BE SCARED.  My heart doesn't actually need to pound that hard and my throat could save those screams.  Adrenaline rush?  No thanks, I'm fine!

I've decided that should we ever build another home, nothing about the shower will be see through...except the peep hole that I can peek through to check my bathroom surroundings.  Perhaps solid marble, and while I'm at it I think we'll hire a towel boy who can stand outside the bathroom door and inform me of any visitors.  Or at least the next house will have a bathroom door with a lock so I can keep a creepy creeper husband out.

And this post has no pictures because shower scenes are not family friendly...or to be photographed.  I was going to post a peek of some of the upcoming sessions I have to blog this week but they're really sweet people - definitely not the stuff of nightmares.  So instead I'll leave you with a cute video, just a little pick-me-up on this Monday morning! 


  1. I'm scared of the shower too... which is why I do not close my eyes in the shower. I never get soap in my eyes. Haha, why is it so hard for people to tilt their heads back and rinse? Dane doesn't get the concept either. Instead he tilts forward, and it drives me batty. Anyways, try it sometime, that way you can keep your eyes open :).

  2. Tell Deran to stop that. You could get scared and slip in the shower! Definitely not fun. What a mean man. lol.

  3. Lori, who do you think started the scare treatment? She fella to mention that part.

  4. I do lean my head back, but I just can't open my eyes! Showers are really scary, I should be more aware! :)

    @Lori, I think the same thing every time it happens. One of these days I'm going to slip and break a leg!

    Um Deran, you know you started that one!


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