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August 3, 2011

twenty-four months equals two years


Today we celebrate the birth of our sweet girl, well at 18:45 to be exact. Two whole years we've been blessed to have her in our lives! A lot has changed since last year, but some things remain the same.

At twenty-four months Avery loves Diego, taking off her diaper even when she's dry, cousins, playing with her babies, baths, her bike, Diego, helping feed the pugs, going to the library, outer space, being held by mommy & daddy, her piggy banks, Diego, picking out her own clothes, and Diego. Seriously, it's all Diego all the time. For the last few weeks she's been randomly running around saying, "Animal in trouble? Diego help it!"

She dislikes Hot Tamales candy, being told no, the Chick-fil-A cow, and wearing pants. Deran lets her pick out her own clothes more often than I do and I recently came home late from a session and walked in to see that she was wearing a ruffled denim skirt. My first thought was that they'd gone somewhere, but no, the skirt was her pajama bottom of choice. And that's the difference between me and D - I let her choose from the pajama drawer, he lets her choose from any drawer. :)


She long ago mastered colors and we're still working on the alphabet. She still loves to go to the library and will sit to let me read book after book. She's getting good at pasting and I've promised her a pair of scissors soon. She's been watching me cut paper and fabric in preparation for her party but of course those scissors are dangerous. She says she needs "baby scissors." I have a couple of cute preschool workbooks that have cutting exercises, I guess it's time to use them!

Her language skills have been developing like crazy lately and she's always asking what/who/where. She tries to repeat everything we say and I'm thankful she's patient with us. It took her repeating it about five times yesterday before I realized she was saying "play barbie dolls." I kept asking, "Baby dogs?" She's totally cute though and we really love how easy it is to communicate with her these days. She's able to tell us what hurts, what she wants to eat/drink, etc. Life is good! I know it's only a matter of time before her speech is even clearer and correct pronunciations are just around the corner. It makes me a little sad, actually. I love the way she says Hess! (Yes) and milt (milk) and a long list of other cute toddler pronunciations.

We are so in love with Avery right now, she's at such a great age! I truly have enjoyed every stage and phase, but man, being her parent is just...the best!! We're so thankful that she's our daughter. Goodness we love that girl!

The monthly iPhone photo tribute:


Happy 24 month birthday baby girl, we love you lots!

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