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August 2, 2011

diy: ruffled party hats

partyhats05 B

I decided to add ruffles to the party hats I'd bought for Avery's birthday party. I love the look of ruffles on just about anything and I thought it would be a good way to add a girly touch. :) I took a huge shortcut by using existing party hats, but you can easily make one out of cardstock and in fact, I did make one for Avery's pictures so I could use a different print. But time is running out so pre-existing hats won!

Start by cutting strips of fabric about 1.5-2 inches apart. Then rip each piece aaaallll the way down your fabric. I was using a yard of fabric so one strip was actually enough length for two hats.

partyhats01 B

Obviously another shortcut here is that I'm not hemming the fabric, it has raw edges. I like the shabby chic look for this project so yea for saving time! Plus, I really hate ironing and hemming. So once you have your strips, you're ready to ruffle. That's another tutorial for another day so I'm just going to link to a pretty good ruffling tutorial just in case someone doesn't know how.

partyhats02 B

All eight ruffled strips complete, you're ready to assemble your party hats! Supplies: 8 ruffles, 1 package party hats, hot glue gun + 2 sticks glue. And good grief do I need another cover on that ironing board!

partyhats06 B

Just glue the strips around the base of the hat, letting the bottom half of the ruffle hang over the edge of the hat. Make sure to meet the ends of your ruffled strip at the back seam of your hat. And drumroll please.....Your stack of party hats will go from plain to fabulous!! :)

partyhats04 B

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  1. Oh how I hate to iron & hem. Right there with you on that! The hats turned out super cute. Can't wait to see pics of them on all the kiddos.


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