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August 3, 2010

twelve months

Today Avery turned one. I was a little more emotional than I thought I would be. I didn't spend the day in tears, but I felt them coming on a time or two. A year. Crazy.

At twelve months Avery really loves playing with the pugs, us, breastfeeding, her independence, dancing, and laughing. She loves to hold toys out for Harper to try and get, or she takes one of their toys and quickly moves away. I think Oscar & Harper really love Avery now because she drops a crazy amount of food off her high chair. On the rare occasion I give her a snack in the living room, the food ends up on floor, scattered for the dogs.

And speaking of dogs, she does an adorable, "Woo woo woo" (woof woof woof) when you ask what the dog says or if she sees a dog or if she hears a dog. And sometimes she does it when she sees a cat too. She's got the dog and cow down, she bounces up and down for a bunny, and she waves her arm for birds. Well, that and she points to the sky. I think this is partly because we see the birds outside and I always point and partly because she has bird pictures on her wall that we always point out. This morning she started making the monkey sounds when we were reading a book but I'm pretty sure my response scared her and she didn't do it again all day.

Avery is a very lovable baby but she's definitely an independent girl. She'll push away our hands or cry if you pick her up when she wants to be down. She's shy around a lot of people or new people, but once she warms up she's silly. She really loves to dance and nothing's cuter than when she just randomly starts moving her head back and forth and bouncing around. She's got the music in her! Equally cute is when she laughs randomly. Today we ate lunch at the Aquarium and she sat in Deran's lap until our food arrived. She just watched the fish, her legs crossed properly, and would bust out with random fits of laughter. Very adorable and funny.

She dislikes not getting her way. I can't say I blame her, I prefer to get my way too. Overall she really has such a great attitude and disposition. We've definitely been blessed with such a happy baby.

I can hardly believe how quickly the year has flown by. I know I say that every month, but time just never seems to slow down around here. Our lives have been forever changed in the best way. I think every day we love her a little more than the day before. She brings us so much joy, it's amazing the things her smile can do. She makes things better.

And can you even believe there's no monthly iPhone photo collage?! Sadly I've misplaced my phone...really hoping it's not in the trash sitting at the curb since it doesn't appear to be anywhere in the house.


Happy twelve month birthday baby girl, we love you lots!!


  1. Happy Birthday Avery!!! Aunt Melissa, Uncle Dane, and Cousins Drake and Kera love you sooo incredibly much!

  2. Happy Birthday Avery! I love you bunches. Oh, and tell Mommy where you put her phone:)


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