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August 11, 2011

sixish months

Our good friends were in town over the weekend for Avery's party and while they were here we got some pictures of their sweet boy. He's actually on his way to his eight month birthday but we're going to call these his sixish month pictures! Ry was in a good mood on Saturday evening just before sunset so I grabbed my camera while someone grabbed a cute boy and we were out the back door.

ry01 E

He really is so cute and he has such a great head of hair! Looking back at his three-ish month pictures I can really see that he's grown so much!!

ry02 E

ry03 E

And this little guy is mobile, he's long been a crawler and a cruiser. No worries, his mom and dad were close by the next morning when we were taking these pictures.

ry05 E

ry04 E

As always, it was good to visit with our friends and I have to say that Avery was much more interested in visiting with Ryler than our last visit. Though she was a bit crazy when he came too close to certain toys. :) Maybe the next go round I'll get a photo where they're both looking at the camera, or at least each other!

ry06 E

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