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August 10, 2011

my assistant

cheesycamera04 B

One morning last week while I was working on crafts in the dining room, I looked across the hall to see that Avery had abandoned her baby armadillo and was sitting on the floor with an old film camera pressed backward on her face saying, "Cheese!" She was so cute I had to grab my camera.

cheesycamera07 B

Of course once she saw me sitting in the hall she came out to play, bringing a camera along with her.

cheesycamera05 B

My Mamaw gave me that camera just months before she passed away. She'd found it at home and thought maybe I'd like it. It was a really sweet gift. It makes my heart happy to see Avery checking it out.

cheesycamera02 B

cheesycamera03 B

And she was seriously cute. So cute that I didn't mind that she'd dumped out a whole basket of cameras & accessories.

cheesycamera-01 B

Besides, she helped pick it all up. Even if she did use a lens bag as a hand puppet. Whatevs, we have fun like that.

cheesycamera06 B

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