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July 28, 2011

new old dolls

After watching Avery play with some old dolls at my in-laws house, I told Deran I really wanted to get some of my dolls out of the attic for her. So last weekend after lunch he promised to get them down if Avery & I picked up the living room. I vacuumed while Avery threw all of her toys in a bin and then we both waited excitedly for D. Avery kept bouncing around saying, "New old dolls!" and it was just about the cutest thing ever.

I really loved this one.

newolddolls-02 B

I thought she was the cutest baby doll I'd ever had and I named her Katie. She's even still wearing her Popples nightgown. Any other ladies out there remember when nightgowns came with a matching one for your doll? I'm pretty sure I had Rainbow Brite & ALF doll gowns too. And speaking of ALF...

newolddolls-03 B

Deran thought Tiny Tim was particularly disgusting because his body used to be pink. I have so many photos from my childhood with this doll. I had two actually, the other is slightly less dirty and still in the garage. I guess my mom got grossed out too after a while and bought me another one. And you guys, these pictures were taken after my attempts at cleaning him. He was well loved, that one.

newolddolls-01 B

I made the comment that they just don't make dolls like they used to and D said, "No they don't. They make them better." And then he went to get one of Avery's dolls to compare. The thing is though, I love the doll he grabbed, I do - but it cost $36 and is a higher quality doll. I'm pretty sure my beloved babies were standard Wal-Mart/Toy R Us fare. Definitely NOT boutique purchases like Avery's Sweet Baby. That's its name, Sweet Baby. She was talking about Baby Katie so Deran asked her what her baby's name is and she said, "Um...Sweet Baby." Um...she's a sweet baby! I love that girl of mine so much and I'm so glad she's enjoying her new old dolls.

Once upon a time Katie was my favorite baby. But look out Katie, there's a new baby in town and she won't be number two.

newolddolls-04 B

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