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July 27, 2011

baby whisperer

Well, that title is a little misleading because her momma and daddy did most of the work. At almost one month old, this sweet girl was very interested in the goings on during our session and preferred not to sleep. No worries, she's awfully cute and if there's one thing that trumps just about all else around me, it's cuteness.

AF02 E

I love the slight smile and her little baby arms. She weighed over nine pounds at birth, but she looked so tiny to me!

AF03 E

AF01 E

AF04 E

She spent a good bit of time being soothed by her momma and I have to say, I love the look on her mom's face in the photo below, such love for her baby girl. I truly love watching new parents interact with their newborns. My goodness it makes me love what I do!

AF10 E

AF05 E

AF06 E

And finally, FINALLY, she slept. Not for long, but long enough. And then I heard from her momma that she slept all the way home. :)

AF09 E

AF07 E

Every time I went to move her, she startled which in turn startled me! Her daddy was on hand to soothe her back to sleep, thanks so much BJ!

AF08 E

Thanks so much L and BJ for bringing over Miss A. You guys have a precious baby girl and it was so nice meeting everyone. Enjoy!

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