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July 29, 2011

she's such a kid

biggirl1 B

No doubt Avery will always be my baby, but lately Deran and I find ourselves making the same remark at various times during various activities - "She's such a kid now." And she is, she really is.

biggirl2 B

After lunch on Tuesday, Avery asked me to get her out of her chair and put on Diego. Since I didn't let her watch any episodes the day before and I needed to clear the table, I agreed. Sometimes she likes to help me with dishes, but I always end up pulling a baby out of the bottom rack or finding forks long after I've started the load. Diego, it was!

biggirl4 B

I watched her scramble up the ottoman to rest on the chair and it struck me once again that she's no longer a little baby. I remember the days when she couldn't even climb on the couch and now she's all over everything and she does it with ease.

biggirl5 B

Time seems both a friend and foe. I'm thankful for each new day but a little sad at the passing of one stage into another. My sweet, sweet girl, so much joy she brings to our lives. My sweet girl who loves her some Diego.

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