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July 19, 2011

the face painting fiasco

Deran had to work late last night and rather than hang out at home, Avery & I met up with friends at Chick-fil-A for a circus themed family night. There were a couple of games outside and inside there was a face painting clown, a cow clown, and an entertainer that was not painted but most definitely a clown. Lots of clown talk. Clown. Cloooowwwwn. Clown, clown, clown, clown clown. Now it sounds weird and looks strange to type.

I had 18 other paragraphs typed out but I was sounding really grumpy and honestly, we had a good time so I feel like the negative would've overshadowed that. The short story is that the face painter, while a great artist, wasn't washing brushes in between kids and I saw her paint on a little girl's lips and that grossed me out but whatevs, I get grossed out easily. One child had his face painted like Frankenstein and he terrified Avery & her friend. On purpose. After I removed them from the play place, he sought them out at our table, more than once, finally prompting my friend to take action and seek out his mom. And why don't parents watch their kids in public places?! The end.

I haven't been taking many photos during our adventures lately because I haven't wanted to lug my camera around. The same was true for our visit last night but I did snap two pictures with my iPhone early into the evening. The first picture makes me laugh so much. Roly was a pretty funny entertainer, I think I like clowns without painted faces better than clowns with fake smiles. I sent the picture to Deran because I couldn't believe he could actually ride that tiny bike, and D was all, "What is that?" I didn't really look because the photo was dark on my phone and things were hectic, but when I opened on my computer I busted out laughing. I clearly caught Roly at a bad moment and though he was really cheerful and smiled the whole time he was there, it looks as if he's had a few drinks and also a little like he's got a few screws loose. And the second picture makes me smile because it's Avery with a clown nose that would barely stay on her little nose.


Lots going on this week. I have a few sessions and next week is going to be a week of crafts and tutorials! Fun, right?! There will be pictures so I think it still classifies as a photography blog...mostly.

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