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July 15, 2011

the makings of a mini session

Like, mini mini. So once upon a time I posted pictures of Avery and I was all, "I'll be back!" Almost two months later is soon-ish, right? Right! So I was really doing some product photography and taking pictures of the headband, but I wanted a cute model. Enter Avery. Who was not at all cooperative at first and just gave me blank stares and strange faces.


To try and get her to look at me and sit still, I pulled out the M&M bag. Only once I started to bribe her with candy, she wouldn't do anything unless she was actually holding the bag herself.


So this is what I'm working with. I knew my time was short and didn't want to deal with the hassle of setting up a backdrop and stand and all that goes with it, so instead I wrapped a piece of poster board with some $1 printed paper I picked up at a local chain store. I knew that if I sat Avery far enough in front of the board and lowered my aperture, the background would be nice and blurry and wouldn't matter too much anyway.



There were the strange faces as she ate a couple of "emmies."


Then she decided to play with a small basket of plastic apples that were lying on the floor.


Followed by pulling off the headband because she was done...or she thought she was anyway.


After I put it back on her and had her daddy try to hold her in one spot, the waterworks started.


But I danced and sang totally crazy in order to get a couple of photos I really really love. And finally our session ended much the way it began, with strange faces and blank stares.


So poster board, wrapping paper, and small chocolate candies - it's how I do it.

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