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May 3, 2011

twenty-one months

Technically, she's still one. Twenty-one months is hitting me a little hard even though month 20 passed slowly it's like, here we are! Another month closer to TWO! We've been around several younger babies recently and it's really made me notice how much of a toddler Avery has become.

At 21 months she likes Ming Ming, bup-pies (puppies), Elmo, fish, breastfeeding, being a tiny baby, noonles (noodles), and being outside. She dislikes cats, automatic car washes, and being told no. It's funny how she's held onto some of her likes and dislikes over the months, she's really never been a fan of NO unless she's dishing it out!

It doesn't matter what time of day, if you ask her what she wants to eat she says, "Noonles." So I make a lot of noodles around here. She's actually starting to eat more food! Probably not as much as the typical 21 month old, but a lot for Avery and she's clearly still very healthy! She's also going through a tiny baby phase right now, where she likes to be swaddled and held close and we fuss over her and proclaim her tiny baby status. I'm actually holding her in my lap now, all bundled up as I type this monthly missive. I suppose we spoil her a little, but you guys, she's so dang adorable!

We spend a lot of time coloring, puzzling, reading, playing with stickers, and playing outside. Avery loves markers and I love that they're washable. She's usually really great about coloring on paper but every now and again she gets a wild hair to frantically scribble on something else, namely herself. I'm so glad she enjoys books and being read to every day. She will pick book after book and bring it back to my lap to sit and read. I hope she always loves to read!

Her vocabulary is expanding daily. She doesn't talk in full sentences yet, but I feel like it's coming. We get a lot of two or three word phrases. Mostly with a "Mommy!" in front. Like, "Mommy, help!" or "Mommy, no!" or "Mommy, up!" And lately she's taken to calling me Amy when Mommy isn't working fast enough. But when I said, "Wait, what's my name?" She said, "Momma." So it was all good. She also likes to point out the mommy, daddy, and baby in groups of objects. The other morning I sat her on the toilet and went to get something off the bed and turned around to see her looking down, pointing at the elephants on her pajamas and saying, "Momma, baby, momma, baby." It was really cute! And speaking of toilets, we're still working on potty training. She's really open to going on the toilet so I think we're headed in the right direction and the goal is still to have her trained before the jumbo pack of diapers is gone!

She LOVES to be outside! We recently planted a garden and a couple of trees in the backyard and one day while we were out watering, Avery kept sticking her head in the line of spray for a drink. It was such a perfect moment with the evening sun shining on her blond hair, the front of her dress all wet and muddy from helping me outside, and the biggest smile on her face as she kept playing in the water hose. Right then, I made a mental note to try and always remember this time of her second spring. I know she won't remember these days, but they are so golden. She has no worries, no insecurities, no problems - just a lot of love directed her way from a couple of parents who adore their favorite girl.

The monthly iPhone photo tribute:


Happy 21 month birthday sweet girl, we love you lots!

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  1. She may not spontaneously remember these days but you're doing such a fantastic time of documenting them that she'll always remember from these posts how loved she was. And it'll spark memories that she might not otherwise hang onto. You're an amazing Mom!


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