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May 15, 2011

future pageant queen

KP06 E

Miss K was set to debut in her first beauty pageant when her momma contacted me about taking a few pictures for the judges. Without a doubt, the best 18 month old I've ever worked with!

She was really so adorable running around in her tutu!

KP05 E

KP03 E

Now don't get me wrong, she kept us all on the move, but first! First she would stand still and look So perfect!

KP02 E

But not to be outdone by her adorableness, her brother is quite the handsome boy himself! While K was undergoing a wardrobe change, L stepped in to pose for me.

KP04 E

He's three and also an amazing model! He posed himself and would move every few seconds. :) So cute and he really did a great job!!

KP07 E

Special thanks to their mom and grandma for all the help during our session! I'm not sure how their mom manages to make keeping up with two toddlers while looking so fabulous look so easy , but she does!

KP08 E

T, you're a great mom and you have a beautiful family!

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  1. Oh my Gosh Amy, this made me tear up a little!! :) This was so very sweet!! Thank you for capturing the best pictures yet of them! You are so talented. I will definitely be calling you for more! Although Kirstin didn't win anything at this pageant, you made her look even cuter than any beauty queen i've ever seen!
    Love you,
    Tiffany, Logey and Kirstin!


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