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May 11, 2011

changes are afoot

Or ablog, or...well, there are some changes coming soon and I'm getting really excited! I'm about to launch a new project with my sister that incorporates our love of all things crafty. Yea! We should be ready to go by the end of the week and I've been super busy this week wrapping up a few sessions, planning projects, taking care of a sick baby, and crafting.

And speaking of my sick baby, she's finally on the mend but it's been a rough week. I haven't actually gotten my camera out the last few days but I did have my iPhone at the ready. She did a lot of laying on the couch and watching Ming Ming with an occasional request for Elmo thrown in. Such a sad girl!


I have an adorable brother and sister session to share with you all this week, as well as some fun crafty news. :) Happy Wednesday, make the most of it!

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