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April 13, 2011

they'll call her avery the lizard catcher


So one day a couple of weeks ago Avery and I spotted a lizard outside. I called for Deran to come catch it because I was too scared. It's hard to believe I once played with lizards and worms and YUCK. Anyway, out comes Deran with a sock on his hand to catch the lizard because one time he saw a lizard bite a girl's ear and it bled. And then 20 years passed and he never grew up, but whatever because he caught it! I touched the lizard and talked to it to show Avery that it was okay. She wouldn't actually touch it but she leeeeaaaaned over as far as she could to see it and then she would stick a hand out but jerk it back before actually feeling it. After a couple of minutes D let the lizard go and life went on.


A couple days later when Avery & I were out, we saw our friend again. So this time I went and put on a sock to catch the lizard. I can't be gettin' lizard bit! Lizard (we're super creative with naming around here) is wily and escaped! A little while later when we were playing in her room, Avery got socks out of her drawer, put one on her arm and told/motioned me to "C'mon! Hose!" And then I realized she was going to catch the lizard and it was the most hilarious thing ever! Except for when she actually tried to catch it, because that was pretty funny too.

Just note where the lizard is as opposed to where Avery is still hunting...


Then he left us for a higher spot on the house. He happened to be shedding and we saw him change colors from brown to green so that was neat.



Now Avery checks for Lizard every single day. And more often than not, she's donning a dirty sock she found in the living room on one arm. He really does reside in that hose setup, we see him at least once a day there. I'm not sure on the life span of lizards, but I have to say that he's looking pretty rough. He lost part of his tail and has been brown for the last few days, plus he's more wrinkled. Having a toddler after you a few times a day probably doesn't help much.


When we don't see him, I tell her he's gone to sleep, that's he's napping and we'll look later. I'm not sure of my response if he should disappear permanently. Surely another lizard will come that might actually get caught!

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