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April 15, 2011

my girl friday


While I do take lots of photos of Avery, I never really set out to do a "session" with her. On Wednesday evening while we were playing outside I decided that I needed to do a mini-session. STAT. So I went in and asked Deran to go with me because the spot I had in mind is close to the road and I needed a handler. He agreed, I quickly pressed her dress, wiped the green chalk off her face and pink highlighter from her hands, and we were out the door.

A01 B
A02 B

Two locations, less than 20 minutes, and a handful of images I absolutely adore of my favorite girl. The look above is so typical Avery. And she's on to my tricks. So now when I try to get her attention by claiming to have her favorite red monster on my head she doesn't crack a smile, I may get a glance.

After she was loaded in the car I took a few pictures of the bluebonnets and noticed several ladybugs so I had to share one. After letting it crawl around she captured it in her tiny fist and that's when I told her it was time to let it go back home to the grass. :)

A04 B

So now she can levitate, and that's pretty cool.

A05 B

Really though, she is such a perfect little model. I asked her to cross her legs and she just sat there like that, so so cute!

A06 B

Gosh I love my baby, she always makes me smile.

A07 B

There was a loud truck passing by on another street and she was acting very dramatic. She's started covering her face and saying, "Eyes!" like whatever has happened has somehow affected her vision. Or perhaps she's so offended by what she saw, she was somehow traumatized? I have no idea. It's cute though! She did it at the fabric store on Thursday after seeing a bug on the floor. I really need to get her to say, "My eyes!" because that would be funnier.

A08 B

Happy Friday Internet!

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