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April 25, 2011

love is reassuring

BW03 B

This wedding post is long overdue, but I'm so happy to finally be sharing a few photos! Everything about this day was gorgeous, the church, the flowers, the reception site, and especially the people. And I know this isn't about me, but I really had a great time! :) The atmosphere was so relaxing and the bride was an absolute dream to work with!

BW04 B

BW06 B

BW08 B

BW05 B

After spending some time with the bride, I got the groom and his friends outside for a couple of pictures. It was so funny to watch these guys try to pin on the boutonnieres! The groom and his best man have been friends for a long time, with a friendship dating back to middle school. In life, you're lucky to have a handful of true friends and these guys are the real deal.

BW09 B

BW07 B

BW14 B

BW12 B

BW13 B

BW11 B

I loved that they stopped to give his mom a hug before heading up the aisle. So sweet! And I love the bride's face after everything is over and official!

BW15 B

BW10 B

The bride requested a photo with all of the wedding guests and the wedding coordinator, Karen, was a huge help in making this happen quickly. And how cool to have a photo of all of your guests?!

BW16 B

After the ceremony I walked out with the bride and groom for a few quick photos before moving to the reception. The groom was so sweet and mentioned that he was feeling nervous but when he saw his bride walking down the aisle, he was like, "Oh yeah, it's her! Everything is alright!" And I think that's just true of love, it reassures us in the nervous moments of life.

BW17 B

Congrats again Mr. & Mrs. B, I know you guys have a great future ahead! And stay tuned later this week for the reception!!

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