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February 2, 2011

love one another


Yesterday afternoon while Avery was coloring and I was taking a picture for this, I noticed her sunglasses were sitting on the table. Hearts, they're everywhere! I've tried (unsuccessfully) to get Avery to wear them. I've put them on myself, her baby, etc. to show her how cool they are. But of course since Deran recently told me how uncool I really am, I should've known better. However, Harper happened to be hanging out with us in the playroom and I couldn't resist.


And yes Aunt BB, that pink harness does indeed have magical calming powers. I put it on her because I knew that was the only way I'd get her to sit still, it's like once the harness is on Harper experiences sudden paralysis. Seriously. Yea for the pink harness!

But because Harper doesn't have much of a nose, the glasses quickly fell off and looking into her crazy eyes I didn't have the heart to put them back on. Plus Avery thought it was kind of funny but it in no way encouraged her to put them on. She did chew on them for a minute, but then decided to drop the shades and sit with her favorite pug.


I wish Harper appreciated how sweet Avery is to her. Avery will push Oscar away and save her snacks for "Barper!" She's always calling and searching for Harper and wants to love on her but Harper is so ornery. She doesn't handle the love as well as Oscar. And how about that for coincidence, Avery's wearing the same top!


I don't exactly blame Harper for being a little never know when the mood will change. But oh, does my Avery ever love that cranky pug!



And I think deep down, Harper loves her a little too.


I think it may be my new favorite photo. It seems I love a good picture of my girl and her dogs. It's a little gross, but so sweet to me.


  1. Can I steal one of these for my FB?

  2. Yes? Assuming this is the one Mandy I know. :)


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