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February 1, 2011

the heart of the matter

It's February, time to get slammed with all kinds of love/romance/kissy related things! I've been seeing lots of hearts lately and the shape never fails to make me think of love. I love to love! And being loved is pretty nice too. So in honor of February and St. Valentine, I'm going to dedicate the month to pictures of hearts...and probably some of my baby and a couple of clients too. :)

To get the month started, I'm sharing this picture of my friend T. We met ten years ago in college. You have no idea how it pains me to have just typed TEN years ago in COLLEGE. It's cool though, I like being 29.


Anyway, my friend T. She's actually got a lot in common with both Deran and me. She and Deran do similar work (insert complicated computer terminology), but the best part is that she's also a crafty gal and an amazing artist. And we read similar literature. Is Twilight considered liter...what about Nora Ro...we both like books. So really, she's like two friends all wrapped up in one!

She stayed with us a few weeks ago to attend a charity challenge computer website weekend with Deran. Ambiguous enough?! So after the event was over on Sunday, they returned to our house to sleep for several hours and then T & I got our craft on. And mostly she just tried to teach me how to crochet. Unfortunately, I had bad yarn. Bad yarn makes a difference! Not only can she crochet, she can knit. Which is actually what she was doing to the blanket in the photo. She had thread holders (I'm very technical today!) in her pouch of supplies and I noticed it was TADA! shaped like a heart.

That's a lot of back-story for one picture, but I felt it must be shared. I love crafting but even more than that, I love my friend. Throughout the last ten years we've made a lot of memories over shared vacations, delicious meals, weddings, funerals, bizarre acrobatic performances, board games, and just living life. I don't know what the difference is exactly, I've lost touch with several friends I had in high school and met in college. But despite different states, different ages, stages of life, despite all that could cause our friendship to drift apart - it's been decided. She's a keeper.

And now you know T, you were always going to be a blog superstar. I was just waiting for the right time. Even if you can't actually see your face!

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  1. Ha. I'm a star! Probably for the best that my face isn't shown (keeps the paparazzi away ;)). And I'm even wearing our Alma Mater's Tee. 10 years ago!?! Why A, why must you use the numbers? Me = Old :p


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