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January 12, 2011

she likes to live on the edge

Seriously. It started out innocently (and safely) enough. Avery got this awesome chair for Christmas from Grandpa and DeDe. She loves it and we move it often from the playroom to the living room and back again. Well lately she's been Climber McClimberson so a few chair rules have been put in place, like it has to be against something so she can't turn it over. Anyway, when in the playroom it resides against the wall under the window.


Today we were busy playing and I'm so glad I'd left my camera in there because she was of course being totally cute. Oscar was sitting on the top of the chair to look out the window and that right there is a violation of the chair rules. No pugs allowed, it's a nice chair and we don't want to pug it up. But, I digress. So Avery climbed up in the chair to get close to Oscar. She was being so sweet trying to give him hugs.

But just being at eye level with him wasn't good enough. She needed to be up there with him.


And this is when I started getting a little nervous. Not too nervous to stop taking pictures, but there were lots of be carefuls uttered between snaps.



She has no fear. And why should she, she has some pretty strong hands that tend to catch her when she falls. I really was nervous to step away and take the picture because letting her walk on windowsills is a very unsafe activity. I made her sit down right after.

And I'm glad I did because I think it's my new favorite picture. I love her expression and Oscar's too. I asked if she could pet Oscar but it was more like a few thwaps.


Oh Oscar, don't you know sometimes it hurts to be loved so much by this silly girl?


She really is so funny, I love it when she cracks herself up. And for every time she's sweet to the pugs there's a finger-shaking no thrown their way. Oscar is such a good boy, he endures all the love!

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