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January 11, 2011

christmas is officially over

I know it's January 11th, but today is the day Christmas has finally disappeared in our house. I boxed up the remaining decorations and doodads today and they're safely stored away in the attic until next year. It's crazy how in the weeks leading up to Christmas those decorations made me feel so warm inside and happy. And in the few weeks after Christmas I didn't think they could be put away fast enough!

Now it's on to Valentine's Day! Not that we're skipping January, we'll just be doing some crafts to decorate for February and all of the pink and red it entails. I have a photo project in mind that I'm keeping my eyes open for now.

Several things going on this week, lots of cleaning and organizing. I want the playroom finished by next weekend. I've got so many art projects in mind! Plus, I think I'm going to sew the curtains. Maybe. I know it won't be hard, I just get lazy and let's be honest, buying things is so much easier. Oh but I do love the look of handmade and the sense of pride I'll feel when I finish! If I finish.

No new pictures today, but here's a flashback from last January 11th. I'm happy to say that my dining room table is no longer covered in laundry. Other random junk, maybe, but no laundry.


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