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January 25, 2011

this is not uncommon


Often times when we're coloring she climbs atop the table and I'm left to color on a chair or even the floor. Eventually she'll make her way to my sheet and depending on how much I've done, I either let her color with me or frantically redirect her to her own paper. That's right, sometimes I'm a selfish coloring mother because I want my dancing Zoe picture to be perfect! Avery doesn't mind as long as she's coloring. And honestly, whatever she does will always looks perfect to me. Whether that's scribbles on top of my beautiful in-the-lines art or globs of paint on paper - she can basically do no wrong.

That's actually a doll pacifier and you should see how tiny the nub is that fits in her mouth. I think she can only be clenching her teeth to keep it in, because it's certainly not big enough to actually suck on. Could she look like she cares any less to have her picture taken?! I like that look, I really do.


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