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January 24, 2011

avery and the awesome, amazing, not bad, very good day

Yesterday was really nice. In the sun it wasn't too cold and the sky was a beautiful blue so we headed outside to play a little. It was a nice change since we've been experiencing some rain and very cold temperatures. She had wild hair and a mix-matched outfit and she looked totally adorable!


We were playing peekaboo around the side of her house. I'd peek in a window and then she would peek out the door. She laughs all the time but when I have the camera out sometimes I really have to work for smiles. I'm so glad I caught this smile because I was mid boo and about to move back to the window.


Avery definitely enjoyed spending time outdoors yesterday, but I'm happy say that today's rain hasn't taken all our fun away. We've had a very busy morning that included Elmo's World, breakfast, sticker art, painting, sorting colors, building blocks, dancing & singing, coloring, lunch, puzzles, nursery rhymes, and more...all before a nap. Now it's nap time and I'm blogging before I start cleaning. After nap we'll read some books and play until Deran gets home.

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