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January 26, 2011

a small hole + new kicks


I got Avery some new shoes last week, only I got them at Ross so I paid half the price. AWESOME. She really likes them and sometimes wants to wear them first thing in the morning. The only bad thing is that they're still two sizes too big which can impede her mobility. It's best to wear them and then sit down. With a zebra in your mouth.


She seriously had this zebra all throughout the day. After we walked the dogs, I put up their leashes and turned around to see Avery with the zebra. While I ironed, she stood in a clothes basket with the zebra. After her bath, she rode her pony with the zebra. Silly girl!


And now for a lot of words about a little hole. Yesterday while Avery napped a man knocked on the door and informed me he was from our energy company and that they needed to dig a small hole in our backyard. He said small, and motioned with his hands right in front of him and said they would clean it up. Of course my dogs were going CRAZY so I said I would be sure to keep them inside. We're fortunate enough to have some kind of central neighborhood boxes located in our backyard so we've had some digging before and haven't always been informed beforehand, so it was nice of him to come. There are about six houses currently being constructed behind us so this is not unusual.

About 45 minutes later, Avery woke up and we peeked out the blinds to see if they were finished so we could let the dogs out. What I saw was a whole section of fencing removed, some type of bulldozing/digging machine, and a man's head just above the ground. Seriously?! Mr. Energy Representative and I have differing views on small holes because I think when a man can stand neck high in the ground, that hole isn't so small! I'm not even kidding. I tried to take a picture with my iPhone but the sun was glaring too brightly and it didn't turn out. I totally would've opened the door and taken a picture but I didn't want them to think I was crazy. Like, maybe I was getting evidence if they messed up the fence or our yard or something. I called Deran to tell him about the destruction of our backyard and I just wish I'd gotten a picture!! I really do. Or maybe even gotten the man standing on my porch telling me they needed to dig a "small" hole, with the arm motions. WHATEVER.

So Avery & I took the dogs for a walk, which she loved and the dogs tolerated. She had Harper because Harper is a very reluctant leash walker so Avery wouldn't get jerked around. It was pretty chilly so we didn't stay out too long and once we were settled back in the house I peeked out the back blinds and true to his word, they cleaned up. It's like there was never a man's head resting on my lawn.

Today is another nice day and we're sans Zebra so I think we're going to bundle up and head outside!

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  1. So many things to say...where to start? LOVE the new kicks...can beat wearing "Melmo" on your feet, think the zebra is hysterical, can't picture Harper as the "calm" one...that leash must have magical powers, and can't stop laughing at the mental image of a man with his head poking out of the ground in my yard! But, mostly I LOVE THESE POSTS!


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