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January 28, 2011

i heart her


She hearts her pacifier. Only when she spies it lying around somewhere, she can go whole days without putting one in her mouth. I bought some heart fabric recently to make Avery something to wear in February. I ironed it and laid it out on the floor and she stomped all over it so I picked it up and she cried. Then I put it back on the floor and she let me take a couple of pictures. She looks a little wary though, my girl is so silly!

Today was another beautiful day so after story time we went to the park where she was able to run around. We encountered our first bully of the non-cousin variety. Not that any of her cousins are bullies, it's just that she's smaller so sometimes she gets things taken away...or she gets poked (playfully). Anyway, while Avery was playing with the hands on this giant clock and tick-tocking back and forth, a boy of about three came up and pulled her hand down and started moving the clock hands fast and told Avery no. Then after like ten seconds he walked away, but not before tapping her on the shoulder and telling her "No no no!"

I felt a strong urge to reprimand him which I suppressed because I didn't think it was my place to do so. Maybe his mom thinks it's perfectly acceptable behavior to shove kids and take away their toys, not that I could ask because she was nowhere near her child! Avery's told people "no" before and while cute, I always try to explain sharing, etc. They're toddlers, it happens. I just expect parents to be on hand so my girl doesn't get pushed around by three year old bullies wearing baseball caps and sunglasses. He was a shady character all right, he had some nerve pushing on my baby! And really Avery wasn't hurt, she was just kind of taken aback and stood there for a minute like, "What just happened? He's gone now? Tick-tock tick-tock, back to the clock." I can't help but feel protective, she's still a tiny baby, right? Right?!

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