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December 3, 2010

sixteen months

Time is strange in that it seems like a month is a long time but I turn around and here we are, another one is gone. Today Avery is 16 months old and she's so much fun!

At sixteen months Avery really loves Elmo, playing outside, telling people and objects "no no," feeding herself with a fork or spoon, and she's still a fan of the breast milk. As always, she dislikes not getting her way. She's still really sweet and gives us lots of kisses!

She's talking a lot more and a few things we hear a lot of are: oops, no, momma, melmo (Elmo), daddy, house, mine, da (yeah), uh-oh, bye-bye, peeease (please), thank you, and bow. She loves to play outside and when I open the door to let the dogs outside she starts saying "house" over and over because her playhouse is back there. We're thankful for early Christmas presents. My parents ordered her playhouse back in October and let her have it to enjoy, and enjoy it she has! She LOVES it!

So for a girl who's been largely disinterested in TV for the better part of her 16 months, she's seriously addicted to Elmo. We've seen The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland probably 9 times since Thanksgiving. She'll grab the remote, point at the TV, and say, "Melmo. Melmo. Melmo! Melmo." It's just crazy!

She still loves puzzles and books and she really loves to color with markers. We color a lot! She has some bath crayons that she uses to color on her bath baby, the tub, my shirt, whatever she can reach while standing in the tub. I'm just glad she likes taking a bath again. She spent almost a month crying before/during/after a bath and it was really hard on all of us.

She's still nursing, but she's also starting to eat more. And by more, I mean like actually taking a couple of bites instead of flat refusing food during a meal. Today she ate some during breakfast and lunch, such a grown up girl!

Deran and I are super excited for Christmas this year. I think she'll like the new toys from Santa, but also opening the presents! She's starting to pretend more and it is so cute! She loves to feed various babies with a bottle, or sometimes whatever she's eating. And two nights ago I got a big pot out for her to use while I started dinner and she stirred the contents of her pot (discarded toilet paper rolls) and then took a pretend bite off the spoon and said, "Mmmm." Two things about that story, 1) she's entering into the stage of pretend play and it's adorable & 2) don't eat when Avery cooks!

I know I say it a lot, but Avery really is such a good No, baby. She's still a tiny baby! Today we went to story time, the park, and then had lunch. Just my girl and me, and it was nice way to spend this birthday morning. After she wakes up I promised some time outside in her house and then a walk around the neighborhood. It's a really great day and I'm so glad I get to spend it with her!


Happy 16 month birthday baby girl, we love you lots!


  1. Sounds like you'd better pack "Melmo" up to bring to Steamboat! Avery is such a doll. I got to work this morning and thought "Yea, it's the 3rd. There should be a birthday blog today." Thanks for keeping us updated.

    Love ya'll

  2. Don't worry, we have a travel Melmo ready! :) So glad you enjoy the updates, I'm glad I've stuck with it because it's easy to forget!

    Love y'all too!


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