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December 6, 2010

chilly but not freezing

B14 E

We had a full weekend that ended with us bundling up and pushing Avery down the street to check out Christmas lights last night. She puts a lot of emphasis on the "s" so lights sounds more like "iightsssss," which is to say it sounds REALLY CUTE!! There was such a drastic change in weather overnight. Saturday was kind of hot and the mosquitos were horrible, but Sunday? Perfect!

I'm glad the weather was so nice because I had a session with these guys on Sunday afternoon!

B15 E

It was chilly but it wasn't totally freezing like our session last year! This family is so much fun and willing to follow me across dangerous terrain. There was a nail through the shoe incident, but I've been assured all is well!!

B11 E

We spent some time on the wrong side of the tracks. Seriously, there was some kind of deal going down. Or I suppose the gentlemen could've met up back there to chat about the nice weather. Yeah, it was probably the weather.

B10 E

B09 E

I love repeating clients because I love to see how families change and grow over time. It's only been a year but already H is looking so mature & pretty. The little girl from last year is getting older and her eyes are such a gorgeous blue!

B01 E

She and her mom are really sweet together.

B07 E

And speaking of her mom, I'm so glad you contacted me again this year C!

B02 E

B05 E

I hope everyone has a great week! Our Monday has been really pleasant with fun crafts, reading, and the promise of some Elmo time this afternoon. It's hard not to give in to Avery's Melmo demands!

B03 E

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