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December 9, 2010

boring schmoring

I have no pictures to share. I've taken a few with my phone, and I've certainly thought about taking pictures but I haven't felt like getting my camera out. I think I had the winter blues for a day but they passed. So instead of sharing any pictures, I'll share a few things that have happened this week.

1) I was wearing a t-shirt supporting my hometown football team. It has a ridiculously beefed up football player on it, a la Arnold from Pumping Iron. Anyway, Avery kept pointing at the guy then looking at me and saying, "Daddy?" Meanwhile two weeks ago while Deran pushed her around the grocery store she kept pointing at a lady with sweatpants, hair coming out of her ponytail, and a purple shirt, saying, "Momma?" That just doesn't seem fair.

2) I took Avery to the zoo on Tuesday after an appointment and it was AWESOME! No crowds, we had the whole petting zoo to ourselves, and we got to see a chimpanzee face to face...with some thick glass in between. And she waved and told the elephants bye-bye. It was a great trip!

3) We watched The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland 842 times.

4) Avery knocks on doors now. With her tiny fist. It's adorable!

5) Technically this is now more than a "few" things. I should've said "some."

6) I've been streaming the Duggars on Netflix and can I just say that I LOVE that family!

God is so good to those who trust in Him! It's a good day, enjoy it! I'm thinking we'll play outside after nap time so maybe I'll take some pictures. Or maybe I'll just play.

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