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December 1, 2010

it's not business, it's personal

Today marks the second anniversary of my blog. I didn't even take a picture today or anything. But two whole years? Well that's something to note!

I started this blog under Amy Schilling Photography to showcase sessions and provide clients with a sneek peak at their portraits, but it's turned into something much more personal. I'm thankful the last two years have been documented, particularly the last year. I wish I wrote things down on paper more often, but I don't. So I'm glad I've blogged lots of photos and milestones of Avery because otherwise the little things might be forgotten a little sooner.

In honor of my second bloggiversary, I'm going to give away TWO mini-sessions to the first TWO people who leave a comment on this post. And because I'm really awesome, I'm also going to share the links to TWO websites I have up right now. I'm a fan of ABC Family and was talking to D about an ABC Family original movie we'd watched together a looong time ago. Anyway, we were both way off on the actors playing the lead roles, but I totally found it!! So first, this list is awesome. And second, this movie is getting ordered tonight.

*Mini-session details: 30 minutes, up to five people, local location (Baytown/Dayton/Crosby), 20 edited images on CD.*


  1. Congrats!!! I think u r the best!!

  2. Emily loves to look at your pictures of Avery. She always says how cute she is.

  3. You are the funniest blogger ever! We read your blog every day! Plus the anonymous poster above me doesn't need the mini-session...just give it to Kaiden! ;)


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