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September 23, 2010


I despise them. Well, just the whole breaking-through-the-gums-and-torturing-my-baby part. I actually find them quite useful most days.

Avery has had a rough week. The last six teeth have come in like no big deal. Her four top teeth came in at once and there was nary a tear nor drop of drool! But these first year molars? They must really hurt.


She's been so upset lately and it's affected her sleep, just not the usual chipper Avery. And she's been especially clingy, not that we mind, just another excuse to cuddle with our favorite baby girl. Today was better though, it really was.

Today we got out the window markers and new fall leaf clings. I really like window clings. These were gel clings so it was a new feeling for her and she had lots of fun pulling them all down, putting them up, trying to give one to Harper, biting off a leaf, putting them on my face, etc. Clings provide lots of fun!

We've been working on parts of the face/head. Avery can correctly identify the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and hair...and the belly button. I know that's not part of the face, but it was her first body part to master and also really cute to watch her locate. So I've been working on getting her to show me those things on the baby doll or Oscar or the baby in the book, etc. so I know that she really understands. And she does. Because she's a genius!


Today when we were done playing with the clings I stuck them on the face I'd drawn earlier. I'm not going to lie, I think it looks kind of scary. Avery didn't think so. Window clings folks, everybody needs some!

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