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August 28, 2010

window clings


I was just supposed to stop in and get paper towels, but as is the case any time I stop at Target, I got much more! They're tricky with those dollar bins up front!

I picked up some reusable farm animal clings. I tried putting them on the window after our outside play time but I was getting nowhere fast. As soon as one went on, Avery was beside me pulling it off. And really, that was part of what I had planned, just to let her experience and peel and feel, but I was also thinking I could possibly get her to look at the animals and we'd go over our animals and sounds.

So the clings were set aside for a couple of hours. And by set aside, I mean Harper chewed two and the rest were slung across the floor. But then! Then she napped! So I got out the window markers and collected the abused farm animals.


And once she was awake, well I already knew they wouldn't last long. We didn't really get through all of the animals and that's okay, she had fun. :)


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