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September 26, 2010

starting the week off right

Today is Sunday! It's officially the start of a new week, one I hope will be better than the last. Avery is currently in the throes of a nasty virus complete with messy diapers, vomit, and high fevers. We've spent the weekend trying to keep her fever down and fluids in, which is really not fun at all. But even in the midst of her discomfort, she somehow manages to maintain her CUTEST BABY EVER status. Seriously though, if she's not being held this is what we get. So sad!


So today I'm listing five things around my home that are helping me maintain a positive attitude and look forward to the week ahead!

1. Creating fall masterpieces with my favorite, albeit sickly, girl.

2. My baby with her baby.

3. Buggy surprises. I went out to take pictures of purple flowers blooming on the fence in the backyard and SURPRISE! A bug crawled right out of the bloom for me to take his photograph.

4. Weight Watchers motivational mail. I attend WW on Thursdays and a couple of weeks ago they sent me a postcard that's been on the fridge ever since. After watching a marathon of Man v. Food this weekend, I have spent some time staring at that card!

5. The start of new projects.

Hope everyone else gets off to a great week!

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