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September 5, 2010

a little bit perfect

K05 E

There's something so amazing about newborns. They're so fresh, and tiny, and just a little piece of perfect in our crazy world. I remember so many things about those first days with Avery and yet, when I met with Baby K and his family I was reminded of so many things I'd forgotten. Like the little grunts, the itty bitty feet, clenched fists, and the easy startling. Oh, baby startles! Always brings a smile to my face.

I was lucky enough to capture this guy before we even knew he was a guy! His mom & dad opted to be surprised and I don't think they could've been any happier to welcome him into the world.


I wish I could express how deserving I think C & J are to have such sweet boys. They are so so thankful for their blessings and so obviously in love with their family. Big Brother K is very sweet to his little brother and quite possibly the cutest three year old I know. He kept me entertained throughout the session!


Thank you so much K Family for allowing me to photograph such a special time in your lives. I certainly enjoyed it!


And I know it looks like the parents have no heads, but they're up there. Really!

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