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September 3, 2010

thirteen months

Lucky number 13! We're over the year mark. Crazy. Parenting Avery continues to be such a joy, we love her so much. It's so neat that she's a part of the two of us. A few days ago I woke up about an hour before she did and I just looked over at her and was so excited at the thought of spending my whole day with her! And yes, she's still sleeping in bed with us. We'll make the transition soon...or soonish anyway.

She's pretty much into EVERY.SINGLE.THING. Seriously, if she can get to it she can get it open/unwrapped/turned over. She's a much more confident walker and when she gets to going fast, she swings her right arm. It's really cute!

She's really crazy about babies right now. She has three babies that she loves on and it's nothing for her to carry one around most of the day. She often wakes up from a nap, looks at me and says, "Baby?" And then we find the beloved baby and all is right with the world.

She loves puzzles, sharing her food without actually eating any herself, books, the pugs, exploring, and being outside. She's still the sweetest girl, but since the beginning of that twelfth month a little temper has started to develop. I suppose it's just the age of tantrums. She's a girl who knows what she wants, and it's not pleasant when she doesn't get her way. We know her lungs work well!


Happy 13 month birthday sweet girl, we love you lots!

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