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September 9, 2010

avery and the amazing technicolor teddy bear


Happy Teddy Bear Day! It's not a national holiday and there's some debate as to when it actually is...but we're claiming today! To celebrate we (mostly me) colored a teddy bear printout and watched some Teddy Ruxpin. I've gotta say, now that I'm grown up I think that's a really weird cartoon.

My dad stopped by to visit after being out of state on a hunting trip for the last couple of weeks. He entertained us with bear tales from the wild, and to think - he didn't even realize what today was! I mean sure, his bears weren't exactly cuddly, but I say a bear's a bear on Teddy Bear Day!

Have you ever seen someone so upset to be celebrating Teddy Bear Day?!


We color a lot around here, several times a week, and I'm pretty sure Avery's favorite part is removing each crayon from the container and letting it fly where it may. At least she doesn't try to eat them as often as she used to...though she did have a mouthful of blue sidewalk chalk yesterday!


Oh, why hello sweet girl. I see you're smiling, this must mean you've gotten your way and all is right with the world.


Totally adorable and completely rotten! I wouldn't have her any other way.

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