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August 21, 2010

no, thank you global supply online

So the same night Deran ordered our new phones, he ordered new cases. Well he ordered me a white one and I may have mentioned that he should've consulted me because I really wanted the black/pink one. So the next day he ordered it. In the meantime, our original cases came in and were put on the phones. My new case came in yesterday but I left it in the envelope for D to open and put on my phone, because I'm sweet like that.

He's been staying late since school is starting on Monday and technology is largely responsible for making sure things go off without a hitch. Anyway, sometime after 2:00 a.m. he came in and stood by the bed and showed me my phone in my new case. My sleepy reply? "That's so cute!" So much better than the white, really!

So after he rolled out of bed this morning he was all, "You wouldn't believe how much XXXX paid for his phone cover, $50!" And I thought that was reasonable since a friend sent me this link where I was able to find my coveted new cover and noticed that it was $49.95. So I asked Deran how much he paid and he told me $15...Um...hmmm...

Now the first two cases he ordered had OTTER clearly plastered on the packaging and paperwork. Soooooo I just don't believe that even at 2:00 in the morning he didn't realize he did not actually buy me the Otter Box Defender. Because that paperwork?! Doesn't even mention the word Otter. Though I should be able to get it in my school colors! Like, totally awesome!


Of course I had to retrieve my phone to inspect it.


He's so cute. And also, my new case has been ordered!


  1. You kinda sound like a snob. I'm just saying :)

    I'm sure the Iphone Super Case is just like their tag line says..."Comparable To OtterBox".

  2. Dane and I are thinking about getting an I-phone, but really $50 for a case?!?!?

  3. Whatevs D!

    @Melissa clearly you can get comparable cases for $15. Since I tend to let Avery play with my phone we're going top of the line! :) But it was $20 cheaper on Amazon.


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