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August 25, 2010

3 naps=3 weeks

Deran has to wear a tie to work every single day, with the exception of wearing a district shirt. Oh how I love those district shirts! I especially love them because if taken out of the dryer as soon as the cycle is complete - they don't need to be ironed!!

But alas, ironing is a must on most days. The problem is that I don't always feel like it. I've thought about taking his things to the cleaners, but I just can't see paying for something I can easily do at home. And expecting him to iron himself is just not realistic. Sure, he did manage to scrounge up clothes most of the summer when polos were acceptable (momma got a little lazy!), but he's not exactly a morning person so I know he appreciates me setting his clothes out and shaving a little time off his already hurried routine.


Over the course of three naps, I was able to iron THREE WEEKS worth of work attire for D. Now some may think it's ridiculous that he even owns that many dress shirts and khakis. I totally agree!! But I'm kind of glad because now I don't have to iron for at least two more weeks. :)

And a special thank you to my ever-present and always helpful assistants - Avery + pugs. Without your excellent nap taking skills this could not have been accomplished, so thank you sweet girl!


She often helps me hang the outfit for the next day as well as get into various bathroom drawers/cabinets/accessories. Yesterday she managed to find and eat a piece of toilet paper from the floor by the toilet. Totally gross.

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