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July 21, 2010

baby legs

I really love baby legs and bought several sets before Avery was born. However, as she's always had tiny tiny legs, we haven't really used them. I once read a tutorial on flickr on how to make your own using a pair of women's knee socks and I was totally confused. And then in all my craftiness, I stumbled upon this tutorial and couldn't believe how easy it was!

I went to Target and got $2 knee socks and BAM! Homemade baby legs. They're perfect for protecting her knees as she crawls all over the place and they're perfect for later since she has room to grow!



  1. Ohhhh...I'm seeing Flashdance in her future! Those are the cutest things...I especially love how she's holding her right leg.

  2. Those are super cute! I love that website where you found the tutorial. She has some good ones.

  3. @debsimp I love that leg position too! She kept pointing her foot and it was really cute. :)

    @Lori Thanks! And I could get lost on that site for a couple of hours. I want to try the t-shirt skirt next.


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