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January 25, 2010


I really like the bumbo, though I would argue that pink actually looks more purple. However, color does not take away from the usefulness of the bumbo. Avery sits in it on the bathroom counter as I get ready and in the evenings she sits in it on the table while we eat dinner. And yes, it does say specifically not to set it on high or soft surfaces, but we're right there the whole time. We would never ever do anything to put her in danger.

I put her in it this afternoon to take a few pictures on the living room floor. I noticed she was bent over grabbing her toes so I stood up to take a picture and she actually looked up at me. Yes!


The only thing I kind of dislike about the bumbo is the width of the leg spaces...kind of small. Yep, it's the bumbo that's too small.


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